You Are Not Clothing: Should The Way You Dress Describe Who Are?

Many things can represent someone. What you wear can make a huge statement about you. What brands of clothing you wear, what colors you wear, and how you wear something can make someone be judge mental. You should not be criticized based on what you are wearing because clothing is the way you express yourself on the outside but it does not tell your whole story.

Dress codes are good rules to have because it gives you standards on how someone should be dressed in certain places. For an example, you would not want to attend a job interview wearing a bathing suit, and if you do, it would be hard figuring out what statement you are trying to make. However, dress codes are more pressured on females, yes, there are dress codes for males but females are reminded more about it. In school, there are teachers that tell girls that they should go wear a sweater because there shirts are too low, I understand our administrators wants us to look presentable but calling someone out like that is not right. Since the schools want girls to look modest how come there are school fashion shows where there are girls dressed in very revealing clothing making the crowd going wild when they strike a pose? All of this does not help it can actually lead to girls being harassed, catcalled etc. more easily.  

It is  disgusting how a male catcalls a female because of what they are wearing. In Article 2, it stated that, “Some agree that when boys catcall it is a natural thing because the girl decided to wear clothing that distracts boys.”  Not all but many girls dress up because they feel confident, they do not dress up to impress guys. It goes beyond than being harassed verbally, pictures were  literally being taken underneath a woman dress. Women fought many centuries for rights, and now being the 21st century women should have the right on how their attire should be. However, males can be also harassed or called names because of what they are wearing this is universal, girls are not the only ones that are attacked.

Boys can be judged because of what they are wearing. Males can be catcalled and raped too just because of what they decide to wear.  How we dress is a freedom of expression, it should not describe if we are boring, rich, poor, etc. For an example, If a boy wears nice fancy clothing and if they have a fashion sense that many likes, they can be categorized as “girly” or “gay.” Or if someone wears a shirt that is known to be expensive they are generalized as rich, that is not true what if that shirt was gifted or what if that person waited for the 70% off sale to buy that shirt.

People can be easily judged upon what they are wearing, assumption can be made about your financial status, your personality, your likes or dislikes. What you choose you wear should not define how you are as a person. Our society should be more aware the fact that clothing is what is on top of you, not what is inside of you.



Freshman Year!

Its almost over…

I thought I would never say this in my life, but I will surely miss freshman year. Freshman year is almost over we have just eight more days left to attend school. This year went super duper fast, but I enjoyed every part of it.

In the beginning…

I remember on August 31, 2015 at 6:34 a.m. I was getting on the train to get to school, at that moment many things were going on in my head and I felt nervous. I was the only one from my school attending Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School at that year, I felt lonely and I was unsure if I would have friends like how I had at my old school. After a week of school, I wondered why I am going out so far to go to school, I wondered if this was all worth it, I wondered if I was doing this to please my parents instead of pleasing myself. Center for Global Studies was not the first school I had on my mind, I wanted to go to school with my friends even though that school is not the best but my parents did not want me to be influenced by bad behavior by those children they wanted me to attend a school where I would think earning an education is my first priority, so they sent me to CGS.

No friends yet???….

As time when on as I began to change as a person I met my two good friends Alejandra and Brianna. We sure do have a blast together, I like how when I am around them I can be myself and I do not have to be afraid of sharing my feelings. Then came Amanda, I would describe Amanda as the “mature” one in our group, without her all three of us maniacs would be out of control. Who is not mature is Susana, Susana is all over the place she does not care what others think she would do the unexpected. These girls are crazy but I love them for who they are, we get in trouble together, we talk about weird stuff together, we enjoy the moment. And they are very competitive they compete to see who can win my older brother’s heart, that is just weird, I strongly agree that I am the normal one in the group. But, what I really learned from these girls apart from acting crazy is that, “High school changes people. Some for the better, some for the worst. But if one thing is true; you find out who your real friends are.”



I like school, I like the experiences I am going through, I believe that I am learning and growing at a person. I can not wait till senior year and think back on what the things I have done this year and laugh about it. Now, I love CGS, I like waking up five in the morning to go to a great school with great people. I am ready for the three more years ahead of me, all I can say now is “High school, bring it on, I am up for the challenge.”




What to do and what not to do for exams!

W00-Hoo! Finals are coming up! Aren’t you very excited to Ace every one of your final exams?!? And aren’t you very happy to stress over how much studying you have to do?!?! Do not have any fear at all because you will get through this smoothly but not as smooth as the midterms because this time you will have to know everything from the beginning of school year which was September till the things you were taught till June. For some this will be like a piece of cake while  for others it will be like hell trying to remember things from ten months ago when they can not even remember what they ate last night for dinner.

Okay, okay. Exams are not as bad as they seem, just do not procrastinate. Procrastination is a bad habit, trust me it is. Take your time and make a time table for your studying, try to study the subjects you find the most hardest to the subjects you are definitely confident about getting a perfect score. However, do not be too easy on your self because then you will find yourself not studying enough for the exams.  I won’t lie, at first everything felt muddled up especially this year was the first time I ever token a ‘midterm’ but know I learned what I should study more for and what other classes I should worry about less. Even though a class is very easy for you, you should study for that class because who knows what the final or midterm will be like?

If your teacher gives a test review sheet, make sure to use it, its will come in handy! There are some teachers that makes the test exactly like the test review, so before hand you will know how your test exactly looks so you would not have a excuse of “but you did not teach us this.” Use all your resources, do not only ask the teacher, ask friends, family, class mates, even your dog do not limit your self from  getting help from others because the more you help yourself the more it will be beneficial for you in the future.

Good luck with finals!!!!

Ready Set Go! COLLEGE.

I am still a freshman in high school but I think it is good to start thinking early. I do not really now what I really want to be when in the future but I am interested to have a career in the medical field.

I realized how important it is to have good grades and I am trying hard everyday and putting my best foot forward so my grades will improve. I try to not procrastinate because procrastination will not make your grades improve, you will just become lazier. Even though, procrastinating is not a great thing to do, over whelming your self is not a good idea. If you are stressing your self out by doing school work throughout the whole night will make you look like a dissembling dizzy-eyed coxcombs, in other words you will just look like a sluggish kid with really dark under eye bags.

You would not like having that!


I have not been thinking about college until I had entered high school, I began thinking that it is a good thing that I am trying to maintain good grades because I know that what I am doing now will be very beneficial for me in the future. I won’t like but having good grades is not very easy, I will admit sometimes all the teachers plan to give a test on the same exact day and you just wonder, which one should I study for? When I am in that situation I tend to study for a class that I have a lower grade in, I do not recommend doing this because the class I do not study for I have a score a lower grade in that class.

Doesn’t that look pretty?


There is a long way to go before I go to college but times flies fast, by the blink of an eye I will be a senior, hopefully. I just want to get out there that try your best and have dedication, motivation and determination because those skills will help you succeed in anything you are willing to do.

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Author/Poet of the Week: William Shakesphere

Portrait of William Shakespeare


Ever wonder who wrote that famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare had written the famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet and many other famous and great ones as well.

About William Shakespeare

The famous English poet was born on April 26, 1564, he died at the age of only fifty one. Shakespeare was not only and English poet, he was also a play writer, an actor, and he is often known as the greatest writer in the English language. William Shakespeare great work including collaborations with other great poets and authors consists of, thirty eight plays, five long narrative poems, and one hundred and fifty four sonnets.


One of my favorite narrative poem
My favorite sonnet by Shakespeare


Shakespeare personal life (Family)

In the year of 1582, when William Shakespeare was only eighteen years old, he married Anne Hathaway who nearly ten years older them and she was also pregnant with their eldest child. Anne Hathaway had out lived William Shakespeare by seven years, she had passed away on August 6th, 1623. Shakespeare had three children, two daughters and only one son. His eldest child and his only son was named, Hamnet Shakespeare, his oldest daughter was named, Susanna Hall, and Shakespeare youngest daughter was named, Judith Quiney.

Shakespeare family portrait.


Why is Shakespeare Inspiring to others?

Even though I am not an author I can see why other authors are inspired by Shakespeare. William Shakespeare creates characters that can transform the whole story around and make you have a different perspective on the story. Shakespeare writes beautiful poetry, the craft of his writing is unprecedented. Many of Shakespeare work is very diverse from each other, the diversity of his work leads other authors to build off on his ideas and create their own pieces.

A Diverse Collection of Shakespeare Tragedies



What I like about Shakespeare

I believe that Shakespeare had created great literature. Shakespeare work is just so incredible, it is very hard for me to pick one to say is his best piece of work, but if I truly had to name them I would say his tragedies are my favorite. In my opinion, I enjoyed reading the famous Romeo and Juliet and also my personal favorite, Hamlet. Shakesphere had many quotes that are said by many people today. My favorite quote said by Shakespeare is:

“All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his times plays many parts.”

I really love this quote by William Shakespeare because it is basically saying life is short and you have the opportunity accomplish your goals and not make them into dreams. I can confidently say that Shakespeare is one of my greatest inspirations and I am glad to look up to him, he had dedication and because of his strong commitment his name is still remembered and said today.


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T.V. Show Recap: The Real O’ Neals!!

I would like to establish a new segment for my blog: T.V. Show Recap. T.V. Show Recap will be blogs about about new television shows and what there first or first few episodes were about and the blogs will contain who created the show and where and what time the television show is shown on T.V.

The first television show that I would like to talk about is “The Real O’Neals.” Oh God! Let me explain how hilarious this show is and only one episode had been released on televsion! The Real O’Neals are shown on “abc” and it first aired on March 8th and it is shown at Tuesday 8:30-7:30c. This show was conducted on an idea by Dan Savage who is also the executive producer of this show.

Dan Savage- Executive Producer



About The First Episode…

The name of the first episode is titled “Pilot.” The first episode was truly a an amazing introduction to the show. Everything was going wonderful for the O’Neals then the family encounters an unexpected twist when the truth is revealed. Eileen the mother of the household who has all matters controlled under her and Pat a good-loving father announces to the family that the two married are claimed to get a divorce. Since this created much tension, Kenny who is also the main character of the show, is a sixteen year old boy attending high school decided to pick this time from all the other time he had, to announce that he his gay.

Elieen and Pat




A lot was thrown at the O’Neals at once so they decided not to tell anyone the actual truth about the current events so they had chosen to stop being a picture perfect family and let other find out for them selves.

I highly recommend watching this show who loves to have a great laugh. Now I look forward to Tuesday nights just because of this show. I chose this show because I began getting more interested into comedy and I thought this a good  suggestion for those who started or love watching comedy. Hope you guys enjoyed the first “T.V. Show Recap.”

Left to right: Elieen, Patt, Kenny, Jimmy Shannon


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YouTube Star (s): Dina Torkia & Sid n’ Dina


Dina Torkia is beauty guru on YouTube, her YouTube is channel is named Dina Tokio .Dina is from United Kingdon she is a stylist, designer, she runs a fashion blogs, she has a site one Days of Doll under the name Dina Tokio.

Torkia was born on June 6, 1989  in Egypt. Dina Torkia is half Half-Egyptian and Half-English, Dina grew up living in Cardiff and London. She has another YouTube channel named “Sid n Dina” where she collabrates with her Husband, Sid Kaan. In her main channel videos she uploads topic based on beauty, she sometimes uploads videos where she answers questions her YouTube family frequently ask her in the comment sections on her uploads, and Dina has “new mom” vlogs where she reveals her experience about how a new mother days will go after having a baby for the first time.

I personally enjoy her videos they are very interesting. I really like her video that was uploaded on December twenty-one of 2015 and it is titled, “My Hijab Story.” I truly believe that I enjoyed this video because it showed her personal experience and it really reveals the different ways people feel about the Hijab , in her case she choose to wear it. I enjoy how she really shows her true self and she gives advice great advice, from watching  her videos I have learned a lot.

Her second channel is awesome as well, she and her husband Sid Kaan are really funny. In her second channel, “Sid n Dina”, Dina and Sid respond to the email given to them by their fans and they film videos and uploads them to YouTube giving advice on their situation. I think that channel is great to watch just beaus Dina and Sid are really hilarious and their advice is not just like that ordinary response, “Oh just keep hoping, everything will get better!” They actually lay down the laws saying what you could have done in the first place, then they explain  how you will get better.

Dina and Sid



Hope you guys check out Dina Tokio and Sid n Dina, you will have a great time watching them!

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Are You Slimmer than Slimmofication?


You tuber of the week is Sulieman Albaher also known as his You Tube channel name, Slimmofication. Slim is a actor, comedian, and of course  a You Tube star. His main channel, Slimmofication is a collab channel with his brother, Khaled Albaher and along with his friend Mohammad Nakeeb. He was signed by Ampli-Truth Productions. Slim Albhaer is on a collaborative channel with Karim Metwaly, Adam Saleh, and Sheik Akbar called 3MH.

3MH- Starting from left to right: Slim Albaher, Sheik Akbar, Karim Metwaly, and Adam Saleh



Before Fame…

He was born on July fifteen nineteen ninety four so that means he is currently twenty one years old.  He was born in Brooklyn, New York to Yemeni Parents. Growing Albaher was the ‘class clown’ and ‘the center of attention.’ He created a his You Tube channel back in December of 2012 called SlimmySlim94 which later became his main channel now Slimmofication.


He is currently in college, but he is also traveling with his best friend Adam Saleh. Both boys had visited the United Kingdom, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, and they are now currently in the United States but they are not in New York, they are visiting Los Angeles, California.

Slim and Adam!


Slim makes a lot of prank videos and several of these prank videos have gone viral. He pulls a lot of pranks on Adam Saleh especially for revenge for the pranks done to him.

Albaher also has another channel where he uploads daily vlogs. Personally, I love watching his vlogs they are very funny. He has a younger brother, Hamzah Albaher and he is shown in most of his vlogs. Hamzah being in the daily vlogs makes the vlogs very enjoyable, he makes cute jokes like any other nine year old boy would make.

Slim pulling a prank on Hamzah while he is sleeping



Slim channel is one of my favorite channels, he will lighten up your day! And you would never get tired of watching him, he is a really creative person.

Slim’s main channel:

Slim’s vlog channel:


Adam Saleh! Whoo-Hoo


You might know him for his awesome jaw line, but YouTube of the week is Adam Saleh! Adam is was born on June forth 1993, this twenty two year old cutie is a vlogger, actor, comedian, rapper, and of course a You Tuber .

Adam started making YouTube videos back in 2012 with his good friends Sheik Akbar and Abdullah Ghunman and this  YouTube channel was named as, “TrueStoryASA” ASA stood for, Adam, Sheik, Abdullah.  Unfortunately TrueStoryASA had split up in May of 2015, Sheik wanted to extend more of his education and Abdullah went to Pakistan to become a doctor while Adam continued with his YouTube career. Now successfully Adam has reached  over one million subscribers and with over one hundred million views.

Starting from the left to the right. Adam Saleh, Sheik Akbar, Abdullah Ghuman.


Being a all solo for the first time Adam did not stop. His friends and including Sheik Akbar was always there for him. On May third 2105 Adam released a song named “Diamond Girl” featuring Sheik Akbar and Mumzy Stranger. On August sixteen 2015 Adam Saleh released another single called “Tears” featuring Zack Knight. He released more songs later that year.

Diamond girl by Adam Saleh, featuring Sheik Akbar and Mumzy Stranger


Tears by Adam Saleh featuring Zack Knight.


Adam Saleh’s most famous video is Titled “The Racial Profiling Experiment.” As soon as this video was uploaded it received over two hundred thousand views. In The Racial Profiling Experiment, Sheik Akbar and Adam Saleh were arguing back and  forth in front of a police man and the police man had notice and he did not do anything. However, the two came back a couple of minutes later, but this time they were dressed in Muslim clothing, this time the police immediately notices them and starts being rude to them. This video made the comments section go wild! Majority of the viewers noticed how racism is still alive.

A scene from “The Racial Experiment” after coming dressed in Muslim clothing.


Hope you guys enjoyed! Thanks for the love and support! ❤ ❤


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Check out Adam’s YouTube Channel:

Vlog Channel:

Kaushal Beauty!!!


This lovely lady name is Kaushal. Kaushal is a beauty guru from London! She does wonderful makeup, she uploads more than just make up videos, she post reviews, un boxing new make up products, hauls and many more things.

Kaushal has over nine hundred thousand subscribers and most of her subscribers are teenager girls and young women.

Many of her make up videos are inspired mostly by famous celebrities.

maxresdefault In this video Kaushal did a Kylie Jenner inspired makeup tutorial. This video is what made her channel increase in viewers. In this video she had many drugstore products so her viewers can afford it and that made this video an awesome tool for makeup inspiration.


Kaushal also does make up videos inspired by her Indian culture. Personally this video helped me out very much since this was uploaded a few days before Eid of 2015 and it gave me ideas for my Eid look.

I would also recommend her channel to all the girls that are starting to have interest in make up because she also uploads simple everyday makeup tutorial to help her younger subscribers since they most likely would not have enough time to wear a full face of make everyday in the morning.


Besides her make up tutorials she also have hauls. Her hauls are very interesting, they reveal her thoughts and recommendations on new released make up products. She does not only do hauls on just make up products, Kaushal also post videos about clothing hauls.


Just having a channel about beauty can be a bit boring at times, however Kaushal uploads vlogs once a month to keep her audience updated with her life. Since Kaushal travels a lot her blogs are always in different places which are cool because then you will get to know the positive and the negative factors in different places of the world.

Each and everyone of her videos shows her hard work, love, and dedication she has for her audience. Her videos are the best especially because of her cute English accent, so if you have not checked her out you should totally go see what she is up too because personally to me she is one of my favorite beauty guru.
YouTube Channel Link: